Bower in PulseTile

Bower works by fetching and installing packages from all over, taking care of hunting, finding, downloading, and saving the stuff you’re looking for. Bower keeps track of these packages in a manifest file, bower.json.

Q: What are the long term plans for Bower?

A: Bower will stay, because it serves a very particular purpose. Bower isn't being replaced by npm, and nor should it be. The 3rd party web components that the system needs should be provided by Bower, even if npm can provide them.

Q: Will all Bower components be removed and replaced by npm modules?

A: We mentioned the dependency tree of imported 3rd part components, and whether the Ripple UI is importing transient dependencies (dependencies of dependencies), and whether these should be defined within the package.json or bower.json files. SliceArt are keen to analyse the dependency tree to try to determine whether there are any problems that may be encountered by transient dependencies.